Post Audit Compliance Training

Efficient and adapted training, based on several decades of experience, to provide your various stakeholders the ability to anticipate and manage risk.

Post audit compliance training :
Training stakeholders following a Legionella compliance audit represents a unique opportunity in risk management. We design the training based on the specifics and risks we have identified during the facility compliance audit.
It is a very powerful management tool that leads to awareness and empowerment through knowledge sharing and the resulting discussions.

Other Training

We offer  general training of 4 to 7.5 hours that includes:

  • Regulatory Review;
  • Legionellosis and modes of infection;
  • The water cycle and the cooling tower;
  • Risk factors;
  • Water treatment and mechanical maintenance;
  • Methods of analysis and required monitoring;
  • Health and safety;
  • The importance of documentation.

Independent Monitoring and Follow-Up On a Regular Basis

The Aquacion Group Inc. offers to monitor your facilities regularly:

Study the results of microbiological analyses to advise you in the management of your installation;

Carry out the necessary surveys for this surveillance using the appropriate tools;

Implements and advises in a rational way the disinfection and/or cleaning operations in case the legionella threshold is exceeded;

Assist in document management;

Training on legionella risk management.