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The Aquacion Group Inc. is a firm specializing in water safety management. We work with property owners to improve the efficiency, performance and safety of water systems.

Legionella risk management is one of our specialties. We are independent, unbiased experts. We recommend defensible best practices for implementing and managing prevention programs against the bacteria that cause Legionnaires’ disease.

4 reasons to trust Aquacion Inc.

  • Independence;
  • Integrity;
  • Innovation;
  • Leadership;


Since 2013, The Aquacion Group Inc. has been a recognized leader for its expertise and unique offering in water safety management. Our services are specifically developed to control legionellosis and the Legionella bacteria in the building environment (hot water, cold water, cooling towers). It ensures a reduction of risks and a defensible file if need be. We provide independent and impartial advice and offer various services:

Rapid Microbiology

Our specialists use the latest testing and analysis methods for the rapid detection of various pathogens. We offer the most advanced and rapid techniques that have been validated.


Our vast experience in the field allows us to offer you training based on knowledge and expertise acquired over the past 40 years.

To this end, we design and deliver customized training to provide your entire team with the ability to take control of your water safety sustainably and efficiently.

For safe water management and risk anticipation training for your staff, contact AquaCion.